Turning Pressure into Production

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Like most of the world, I’ve had my eye on the Olympics for the last week or so. While I’ve not caught every event, I’ve certainly enjoyed stealing as much time as I can to watch as the world’s greatest athletes take their place on the global stage. And as I watch each event, from swimming and gymnastics to basketball and judo, I can’t help thinking of one question:

How do these athletes handle the pressure?

Now, I’m no stranger to pressure. I live with it every day as a leader. I’m sure you do, too. But when I think about the margin between a gold medal and a silver medal – often just a few hundredths of a second – the pressure I deal with somehow feels a little… less.

You see, the Olympic Games place tremendous pressure on athletes to produce, on demand, for posterity. They train for years for that one moment, usually with coaches who are some of the best minds in their sport. These athletes must learn specific skills that help them not only master their sport, but take their performance to levels previously unachieved. Then they spend months or years prior to the Olympics participating in events to not only qualify for the Games, but also get a feel for their competition.

And the end result of all of this training is efficiency and effectiveness. These athletes do what they do with apparent ease because they have trained and prepared so well.

But I believe it’s only the pressure of the Olympics – of knowing that their place in the record books rests on what they do in that one moment – that makes them most effective. All of their training and ability only matters if they can execute in the “right now” of Olympic competition. Because once that moment is over, the only thing the world will have to judge these athletes by is how effective they were when the pressure was on.

How do you handle pressure? You may never be under the same scrutiny as an Olympic athlete, but you face pressure in your own way. It may be a deadline, a new venture, or just knowing that your family depends on you, but you know the feeling of “the weight of the world”.

A former Olympian once said, “Everything negative – pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity for me to rise.” That Olympian is Kobe Bryant, one of the most accomplished basketball players of the last 20 years. His dedication to developing his skills and talents is legendary. But what Kobe is also known for is his strong desire to have the ball in his hands when the game is on the line. He doesn’t shy away from the pressure; rather, he embraces it.

I want to encourage you, my friend, to not shy away from the high-pressure moments in your life. Instead, use the pressure to help you produce. Pressure is a sign that what you’re doing counts. It means that your leadership or your work or your life is meaningful. It means you can make a difference.

The eyes of the world may not be trained on you, but you have the ability to impact the world. Trust your training, embrace your pressure, and do your best. When you do, you’ll be amazed at just how many people you’ll find cheering you on.

Source: The John Maxwell Company

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Are You Entitled?

Are You Entitled?

by Brian Benedict, FreeUpWork.com

I have a successful Podcast where I dwell in all type of subjects.  Most are 2 minute power podcast to get you motivated and ready for the gig.  Yes, I’m a musician and a non-sales professional.  This means I don’t “SELL” anything.  I “LISTEN”.

Listening is hard to explain.  Most of us don’t do it.  Most of us think we are entitled to whatever information we want.  From national security to the high school coach game plan.  Oh yea… That hits home with some of us.

Life’s lesson #495 is don’t question the coach.  I’ve learned many lessons through the years and the ones that stick with me as I get older are all the coaches that I questioned.  Some worth my breath and some not.  If you’re child is in early elementary and you’re judging the coach its probably not so good.  Look at yourself and improve on your personal skills.  If you’re in high school and your looking for the next level the threshold seems worthwhile.

In sales… “NO”… in any profession, its “YOU” that makes the difference.  Are you providing value in what you do?   Are you going above and beyond what’s expected.  Brown nosing only goes so far.  Your value… What you bring to the team is what matters.  That’s whats going to take you to the next level.  If you want to get there together then come with me on the journey.  If not, Please stay home so we have enough room for everyone else.

If you’d like to focus on what you do best please be a member of a powerful website that I’ve developed to help others free up work.  Go to FreeUpWork.com and promote yourself globally.  No Matter what skill!!  Everyone has a different talent.  Everyone can add to this world in some way, shape or form.  Let me help you Get the Gig!

Go to www.FreeUpWork.com/podcast and start listening to the 2 min power podcast where I teach vital components to motivating you to achieve you goals.

“Work Smarter”… It Just Makes Cent$

Brian Benedict

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Best Side Jobs for Firefighters

“Outside The Box” Side Jobs for Firefighters

With many different shifts around the globe it only makes sense that firefighters have additional jobs.  Not only is is a great vice for taking your mind off of hazardous scenes and situations but its also a great way to make extra income for your family.  I’ve included several thinking outside the box side jobs that can be done ANYWHERE.  How can you do this?  I’ve came up with FreeUpWork.com.  It’s a global community of Freelancers.  Becoming a freelancer means you can work from home or at the firehouse, on the computer and earn money.  Work for anyone, anytime, anywhere around the world.

1. Instructor: Firefighting tactics, Fire Prevention principles, CPR and more.

Why not use the skills that you’ve been given to make money globally.  Instead of just booking a session at a local business, offer books, information and promote yourself and your products globally…For FREE.

2. Firefighter Products

How many fraternal events have we been to where those outside the world of firefighting are selling something.  Although many firefighters have products that make our life easier why not display them for a global market for free.  Promote your books, ebooks, tools and even fire prevention flyers and music for global exposure.

3. Data Entry

Keep it simple.  Earn an income by entering data into a database for customers.  It seems strange but this simple tasks is in high demand.

4. Construction / Carpentry

Many firefighters take on deck building, remodels, roofing, drywall and more.  The body isn’t kind as we reach our mid to upper 40’s.  Think outside the box.  What if you could display items that you build like drawers, tables etc.  Also you could sell Tip Sheets on construction subjects.  These items can not only be sold but your services could be paid as a consultant.  Maybe provide others 30 min conversation at a certain price.

5. Other Skills

Freelancers come in many shapes, sizes and skills.  If you’re a musician, singer, social media wiz, artist, selfie photographer, web developer, website creator and many other areas that are in high demand.

A great place to begin your freelance career is at FreeUpWork.com.   


BONUS: Outsourcing

With city budgets the way they are doesn’t it make sense to outsource certain tasks.  Keep an open mind.  Contract a freelancer to do data entry, fire dept social media site updates, fire prevention tasks and many more areas.

About the author

Brian is a retired firefighter, army veteran, and current Police and Firemen’s Insurance Association Midwest Regional Manager who writes from the heart.  A powerful perspective of positive how to’s and outside the box thinking.  A service first firefighter with a goal of bettering yourself, your income and building a business that will grow into a second career after the fire department.  The owner of FreeUpWork.com where he’s building a growing community of freelancers who focus on freeing up work and letting busy professionals focus on what they do best.  “Work Smarter”, It only makes Cent$

[Infographic] This Is the Ideal Workplace for Your Personality | SUCCESS

When preparing for an interview, you probably have (or should have) a mental checklist to help decide if the company is a good fit: How involved is the management? Is this a company culture you can thrive in? Does the salary and benefits package match your needs? Is the office design comfortable and well-lit? Although something small, such as an office layout, might seem inconsequential, more companies are recognizing the subtle but powerful link between workplace design and employee performance.

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Certain types of people thrive in the loud, collaborative environment of an open office or co-working space, but others need the quiet concentration-inducing environment that private offices afford. Some might do their best work remotely, while others need daily interaction with co-workers to keep the creative juices flowing. Offices aren’t one-size-fits-all by any means, so it’s crucial to know what you need and want from a workplace when you begin your job search.

To help you do just that, Quill.com has developed an infographic that links common workplace personalities—based on John Holland’s Theory of Career Choice—with some of the most popular workspace designs today. Check it out to see which setup is best for you.

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How to Make Yourself More Valuable | SUCCESS

I’m a very big proponent of activity, labor and discipline. In fact I devoted one of the five major pieces of the life puzzle to the subject of activity and labor. But now, let me add another key word to the labor equation—skillful. Yes, skillful labor.

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We need the skills to help build our family’s dreams, the skills to stir up an enterprise and make it successful. We need skills to build equities for the future. We need skills of all kinds.

How about this: skillful language. If you just talk to your family, you can hold them all together, but if you skillfully talk to your children, you can help them build dreams for the future. You can’t be lazy in language—it costs too much. What if you meant to say, “What’s troubling you?” and instead you said, “What’s wrong with you?” That’s too big of a mistake. And sure, maybe you’ve made that mistake 10 years ago, but not now. You should always be improving in language and communication.

Skills multiply labors by two, five, 10, 50, 100 times. You can chop a tree down with a hammer, but it takes about 30 days. That’s called labor. But if you trade the hammer in for an ax, you can chop the tree down in about 30 minutes. What’s the difference in 30 days and 30 minutes? Skills—skills make the difference.

So do what you can—labor. But also do the best that you can do—improved skills. And you will find that the labor combined with skills will start producing miracles—miracles with your money, miracles with your family and miracles in every part of your life.

via How to Make Yourself More Valuable | SUCCESS

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