Which insurance protects me the best?

Brian Benedict

While I was on the fire department I always thought there should be an insurance company that specifically provides insurance protection to emergency personnel.  So given the opportunity, I tried to become that person.

A REP YOU CAN COUNT ON to help protect you and your family.   The reality is your family has no idea what daily, sometimes hourly, situations we run into.  Thinking back in my mind I see situations that would be difficult for a normal person to comprehend or deal with.  Highway collisions with mangled passengers, trains that ran over people, babies that fell out of a second story window and deaths from overdoses, gunfire, smoke and then return with a happy face to teach pre-schoolers fire prevention.   Sounds a little crazy.

MICHAEL DeMOCKER / THE TIMES-PICAYUNE A New Orleans firefighter emerges from the smoke of a fire which heavily damaged a two-story building behind the Spotted Cat Music Club at 623 Frenchmen Street in the Marigny on Friday morning, January 8, 2010. Neighbors said a man who lived there made masks, but they had not seen him in several weeks.

These situations are tough enough mentally but think about the situation you yourself are put in.  All first responders are confronted with similar situations during their career including career, volunteer, reserve law enforcement, fire, ems personnel.

So what protection is best for us?


MY FOCUS: After spending many years with a fraternal insurance organization I realized that becoming an independent agent would give me the ability to find the best product for the best price instead of being confined to one particular insurance company’s products.   For over a decade I’ve researched many companies.  Each has positives and negatives.  My promise to you is to keep up with the best products at the fairest price to protect families to first responders.  Let me help you with providing a safety net while you’re focused on protecting us.

Protecting Hometown Heroes






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