What gets you up in the morning? | Heres my WHY

Brian Benedict.

Why do I get up in the morning?

So after leaving Police and Fire Insurance I’ve been in search of greater opportunities where I can truly and genuinely help our hometown heroes. I’ve learned much about the insurance industry and what Ive seen hasn’t been pretty. Borderline ethics that make me cringe. Sales over service and many more things. After confronting these hurdles I, without a doubt, know I can provide a better and honest service to not only our hometown heroes but to the neighbor next door.

The truth boils down to the attitude of the company. Are they willing to put morals aside for a dollar or are they going to train agents to listen closely and ficus on the need of the client.

Its been my experience that the little things make a huge impact on those we protect. Understanding policy language for example could positively or negatively impact you and your family when you need it most.

So what am I missing? I’m missing purpose. As a licensed life, health, property, casualty agent in 31 states I can easily be hired by virtually any company as an agent. The problem is my WHY. It keeps getting in the way of other agency owner goals.

Whats My WHY. For me it has everything to do with PURPOSE. Helping those who help others. Protecting those who protect us. Showing up at 11 pm roll call because an officer needed to talk. Helping with a claim, union event or simply being available and returning phone calls.

A few words you don’t hear inside many agencies. Care, be genuine, honest, integrity, help others. This is what Ive based my character on and I can’t be anything else.

Next Steps in Building an agency.

March is a great but April kicks it off.

  • Target Market to Protect. Protecting All First Responders, families and helping Businesses protect their employees.
  • Products to protect are a available through eApps with the ability to email for signatures making it very easy to get covered over the phone. Making the process easy, quick and streamlined.
  • Individual Products include Accidental death with return of premium option, life (adult,child), Cancer, Heart Attack, Accident, disability.
  • Group protection for cities, businesses of 3+ people available through Colonial Life.
  • Logo. finalizing ProtectorsLife.com logo
  • Website will be completed towards the end of the month
  • Marketing efforts will be deployed on google, and social media outlets
  • Coffee & Ideas. Would love to see how Protectors Life can help with your upcoming fund raisers and events (i.e. dances, golf outings etc)
  • Hiring. I will start hiring by the fall in Indiana and Ohio.

I’m looking forward to protecting families to first responders.

How can you help?

Spread the news and forward anyone needing direction or protection my way.

Be safe,

Brian Benedict

Protectors life


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