Heart Attack & Cancer Protection

Nearly everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer or heart disease. Unfortunately, many believe that their existing coverage is adequate to cover all the expenses associated with these conditions. As costs and deductibles rise, so may the need for insurance protection to cover out-of-pocket or living expense costs.

By Dominique Ashen, Ph.D., CRNP

How you live your life today may determine whether or not you die in the line of duty. Exercise, diet and family history may have more to do with your risk of dying on a scene than what you do when responding to an incident.

The sobering fact is that heart disease causes nearly half of firefighter line of duty deaths, with the highest risk occurring during fire suppression. For 2012, the U.S. Fire Administration reported that of the 82 firefighters who died in the line of duty, 45 percent died of a cardiovascular event — more than any other cause of death. And of those cardiovascular events, heart attack was the most common.  CLICK FOR MORE

Call Brian at 765-277-2770 for more information to protect yourself and family.

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