Can I get Life Insurance if I’m Unhealthy?

Yes…  Even if you’ve been denied life insurance I can help you.

You plan ahead for life’s most important events such as your children’s education, family vacations, and one day, even your retirement. Planning ahead for your final expenses makes good sense and it can relieve the financial burden from your family at a difficult time.

Guaranteed Assurance final expense coverage has many benefits with an easy application process. In addition, this life insurance plan has two products built into one!

Highlights include:
Offers coverage regardless of your health that can never be canceled as long as premiums are paid.

  • You may also qualify for day one coverage with 125% increased death benefit.+
  • Spousal Bonus Rider built in free of charge to help the surviving spouse in a difficult time of need.
  • Accelerated Death Benefit Rider may be available at no additional charge.
  • Dependent Child and Grandchild Rider is also available.
  • Coverage builds cash value over time that is tax-deferred and can be borrowed against.
  • Premiums are affordable to fit any budget and a 30-day free look period if unsatisfied for any reason.


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