Columbus, Terre Haute & Ft Wayne |

Spent the week traveling throughout Indiana.

Columbus Indiana recently saw retired Fire Chief Gary Burris step down as our long time rep to enjoy retirement. Filling his shoes will be Aaron Eichel from Columbus IN Fire. Aaron will be taking care of the Bloomington and Greensburg areas as well. Look forward to seeing excel.

Then off to Terre Haute where long time rep and firefighter Bob Keifner decided to retire as well. Bob did a great job through the years with handling claims and generally taking care of our members. I’m currently in talks with Diana Price-Luther. Diana, her father and her brother all work for Terre Haute Fire. Long history of taking care of the community. Hope she joins our team too.

I can’t leave out the second largest city in Indiana, Fort Wayne. DJ Reid for the Fire Dept and Currently Kimm Seiss from Police are holding the “fort” down. Im lucky to have found individuals who’s main goal is protecting brother and sister servants.

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