Decatur & Peoria Illinois Fire Department |

Decatur, Illinois

Great visit last week with longtime PFIA member, new PFIA department representative, and Decatur Deputy Chief Lyle Meador.   The Deputy Chief is ready to help his members in Decatur, Bloomington and Springfield Illinois.

Peoria, Illinois

A quick stop in Peoria where I met our representative Phillip Snowden.  I also met another great Peoria firefighter, Shaun Manning.  With many members in the Peoria area, I’m glad to have reps that really take care of their own.

Peoria station 10

Terra Haute, Indiana

On my way back to Indiana I popped by Terra Haute Fire Department Station 7 and spoke to a few firefighters.  Our longtime rep, Retired Firefighter Bob Keifner has retired from PFIA and we wish him well.  Bob was a long time rep who took care of his members for many years.  We’re currently searching for a police officer or firefighter to help our members with claims and coverages.

Thank all of you for being available to your members.

If you’re interested in helping firefighters or police officers in your area, please give me a call at 765-277-2770 or email me at

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