NY Firefighter Gives Kidney to Save Lives | BrianBenedict.com

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Foxnews article

A retired New York City firefighter who was nearly killed on September 11, 2001 donated his kidney to a total stranger 3,000 miles away, Pete Hegseth reported.

Kevin Shea, 50, found that he was a match with 59-year-old California special education teacher Lois Knudson, who has an otherwise fatal disease, according to the New York Post.

“It’s an absolute miracle. I will never need another Christmas gift,” Knudson said, adding that she was overcome with emotion when hearing that the donor was a 9/11 hero.

Shea narrowly survived that fateful Tuesday morning in 2001, suffering a broken neck at Ground Zero.

The Post reported that Shea had just finished a 24-hour shift at a firehouse on Manhattan’s Amsterdam Avenue when the alarm rang.

He offered to take the final open seat in the firetruck as his crew raced to the scene downtown.

Shea said he was near the South Tower when it fell, and was blown away from the building.

Later, he was found unconscious among broken concrete and metal near the West Side Highway, more than a block from where the towers once stood.

When Shea awoke in a New Jersey hospital, he was told he was the only surviving member of his crew that day.

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