Podcast: Challenging “U” to Start Today | Brian Benedict


My Challenge for “U”.  Let’s change our thinking, habits, and position to only positive and productive.

Goals come in many forms and everyone’s definition of success is different. Why? Because each of us has this amazing mind.  A uniqueness inside that makes us different & valued.

Amazon.com – Building the Business of “U”

Unfortunately many in the world today believe they can encroach on others with no penalty.  Paralyzing individuals with accusations and intimidation and manipulating situations to benefit their self. Violence has become common on college campuses, threats of government overthrow by nonviolent groups who are violent to others (confusing) and free speech that has been taken so far out of context that police are stopped from protecting lives and property.

When did free speech become only okay for those who agree with that person’s opinion?  Like a pre-schooler that acts out when a toy is taken away, society has developed into spoiled brats that have spawned into adults with no respect for law and order.

Who would think that each day would be getting crazier than the one before?

It becomes so unbelievable that I’ve turned off the NFL, news, social media and I’m still barraged by unimaginable attacks, opinions, and 24/7 targeting and manipulative actions to individuals, groups, and beliefs.

Unethical individuals with no conscience or respect for others or their opinions are multiplying and its time to stand together and promote each other instead of tear down.

Let’s band together and begin posting productive solutions, positive ideas, to begin making us better today than yesterday.   Challenging each individual including myself to consistently be building the business of “U”.

Amazon.com – Building the Business of “U”

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