Building the Business of “U” | New Book Release

by Brian Benedict

Whatever your dream or desire, you can increase your potential in life by continually Building the Business of “U”.

Building the Business of "U"


Open your mind to the power of influence. Elevate your potential, create more opportunities and enhance unstoppable enthusiasm to be the best you can be. Challenge yourself to be a better leader, communicator, and connector. Regardless of position or title, each of us can become an influential leader within our own organizations.

  • Police and Firefighters will improve relationships by increasing their value on and off duty.
  • Managers will connect with employees on a greater level.
  • Salespeople will ignite their personal and professional networks.
  • Millennials will advance faster by effectively communicating with others.
  • Students will break away from the status quo and make a greater impact in life.

Maximize your success in life by increasing your influence with others. Become the person you were meant to be.  Engage yourself by Building the Business of “U”

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