Greg Toyeas Cincy PD |

Great visit with veteran Cincinnati Police Officer and Police and Fire Insurance Department Representative Greg Toyeas.

As I visited Officer Toyeas and looked out at the beautiful view of downtown It reaffirmed the patriotism and honor I have for all first responders. It also reminded me of the ugly truth. The yin and yang of life. For every good there is evil. The beauty each city has also holds the opposite within its streets.

Most people are only involved in one or two major emergencies in a lifetime. First responders are introduced to multiple emergencies daily. Some first responders, like police officers, are portrayed in terrible ways in communities, social media and news. Until one of the haters need them. Then a police officer turns off his emotions and helps the haters.

First responders are needed to protect life and property. To provide law and order.

Last night Las Vegas had a horrific incident during a concert. Many people killed and injured. First responders, on and off duty, turned on their internal rally caps and did what they do best. Help victims, control chaos and re-establish law and order.

Thank you for your service and for being available when we need you.

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