Goals | Steve Heise with Brian Benedict

by Brian Benedict

Great visit with Steve Heise, recently retired Montgomery County Tennessee Sheriff Deputy.  A long time friend and high school classmate.  Steve set goals years ago when he entered the Army and did his tour of duty at Fort Campbell Kentucky.  After his tour of duty he like many others got back in the game by entering the public service field with the Montgomery County Sheriffs Department.  He’s once again setting new goals after retiring.  I’m sure the plan is in place and his focus is intense.  Thank you for your friendship.

Steve Heise and Brian

What are goals?  Do you have a Goal?

A goal is only a wish if you do not write it down.

Here’s an easy way to understand what a goal really is and how to get it.   Whatever it takes!

  • G – Guide for Success
    • Write down a 1 year goal
    • Write down what you need to do each month to achieve the goal.
    • Write down what you need to do each week of each month in order to succeed
  • O – Overcome obstacles in your way
    • Understand obstacles will get in your way
    • Be ready to hurdle the obstacle by focusing on the goal
  • A – Analyze yourself
    • Do you believe you can achieve it
    • Do you believe in yourself
    • If you don’t you won’t, if you do you will
  • L – Live like tomorrow never comes
    • Ask yourself, “Are you doing your best?”
    • If not, “Why not?”
  • S – Start today
    • If you wait for just the right time it will never come.
    • Begin today.  Begin now!

Whatever it Takes.  Be the Difference!


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