Putting the Y in Crazy?| Brian Benedict


No matter what Gender, Ethnic Background or Religion

Great quote for everyone to come together

“I firmly believe God chose me to help bring two races together under one last name, Tomlinson. I’m of mixed race, and I represent America. My story is America’s story. All our ancestors, unless we’re American Indian, came from another country, another culture.”  LaDainian Tomlinson   Click Here for the entire speech

Is this moving forward?  I’m not sure but…

Why is my son made to describe himself with pronouns 3 different times during a one day college orientation.    For some reason I thought I was paying for his academic education.  

This is real.  Here’s the links

Here are a few colleges to research.

Oxford University


Campuses allowing kids to change names

and change genders without medical intervention?????

  • Question:  are scholarships and grants available if I feel a certain gender today?

  • How can a Yale student tell a Dean to “Shut up” then curse in his face because he told her, in an email, to look away if she was offended by halloween costumes.   With no discipline to the student? Watch Here
    • I’m offended about her disrespect to the Dean.  Does my being offended constitute me doing the same or is that racism?
  • Why are college campuses being brainwashed in thinking theirs no penalty for actions?
  • Why does my Union Trustee brother-in-law have to go to a course on how to deal with millennials and how to allow them not to work if they don’t feel like it? True story!

Who’s fueling the fire to extremism behind the scenes.

  • Why is it okay to destroy one monument but not the other?
  • Why is it appropriate to have violent protest but its offensive if others do it?
  • Why is extremism even okay?
  • Why are defiant, violent and unlawful individuals the innocent ones?
  • Why doesn’t all lives matter?
  • My ancestors were German and Italian.  How much percentage of something do I need to be a minority?

Who is fueling the fire…

  • Why is Manipulating words and truth becoming normal news?
  • Why are police being held back from doing their job?
  • Why are sanctuary cities more concerned with illegals than our own citizens?
  • Why can’t I have an opinion unless its the same as yours?

2017 Chicago stats.

Why would you not allow your people to defend themselves?

I understand gun control.  I also understand defending yourself.

Sometimes we forget law’s are for the law abiding,  EVILhas no rules!!

Lets take a minute and think…

  • Shouldn’t we be happy our first lady is an immigrant?
  • Shouldn’t we be happy that “Help Wanted” signs are popping up everywhere?
  • Shouldn’t we be happy the stocks are soaring?
  • Shouldn’t we be happy that other countries are noticing our backbone is getting stronger?
  • Shouldn’t we be happy that anyone can have free speech, without violence, even someone u don’t agree with.

Who could be fueling the fire?

Extremism on Any Side is still Extremism


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