3 Generations Face Fear | Brian Benedict

What is fear?  What does normal daily fears really contain that make us so afraid to move forward?   When we think of small fears like walking into a business or organization, speaking to people we don’t know or the most consuming, the fear of the unknown.  We cheat ourselves and our potential if we stay in our box.  Being afraid is normal.  Not taking that next step is what you should be afraid of the most.

Skyler, 18,  had an idea to skydive over the summer.  With college closing in fast my father, Phil Benedict, was also looking to check off another box on his 75 y/o bucket list.  It turned out to be a great and memorable experience for all of us.

We scheduled with StartSkydiving.com in Middletown Ohio.  From start to finish they were well organized and at no time did we feel unsafe.

All three of us agrees that exiting the plane above the clouds was the most exhilarating but the best part was doing it together.


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