Calm & Confident

By Brian Benedict

Here's a 25 yr veteran of the Evansville Fire Dept Captain Greg Lehman. I've known Greg for many years now and lasting impression of him is Calm & Confident. He exudes an attitude of helping others. He's a great asset to the fire service and Police and Fire Insurance.

After Visiting Greg this week I travelled upstate to Chicago and spoke with CPD veteran Officer Steve Coyne. Again, a feeling of a calm confidence was felt throughout the room. The trait that sets us apart from the civilian next door. A warm fuzzy that makes you feel like everything is under control. Steve's considering coming aboard the PFIA train. Unfortunately he's never heard of us so he's currently in research mode. The 10,000 plus CPD officers need us more now than ever before.

Police departments across the country are getting beat up. They're searching for someone to help them while they're helping others. Someone who has their back. Hard to find in a media world.

After a decade of protecting Police, Fire & Family it never gets old. I enjoy protecting those who protect others. My only wish is more knew it was available for them.


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