T.R.”U” S.T. | Brian Benedict

by Brian Benedict

T.R. “U” S.T.

Why is trust hard to find?  How many can trust others with private information?  A common saying in the fire service is telephone, tele-woman & tele-fireman.  The gossip and unfortunately the truths run quickly around the firehouse. I’m sure they do the same at the water cooler and break room in corporate america.  So who can we trust?

The answer is … Not many.  If you can find someone to hold on to a secret good luck.  Since we live with each other inside the firehouse we test others integrity.  This is where many of the grievances originate from.  What do I mean by testing?  We lay out a little secret and see if it comes back to us.  Right or wrong it tells us who we can trust and who we can’t.

Become a Person of Trust.  If you would like to become a trustful person please look at the following ways to be trustworthy.


T – Takes Time to build Trust

R – Respond & React Respectfully

U – Understand “U”

S – Sensitive, Supportive & Secure Information

T – Tighten your Tactfulness with each Task


Build the Build the Business of “U”

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