F.A.I.L.”U” R.E. | Brian Benedict

by Brian Benedict

Everyone fails.  Everyone makes mistakes.  If you don’t you’re lying to yourself.  The most important things aren’t taught in school. It’s by life and experience only.

Why are we afraid of not doing well.  I think we’re conditioned from childhood.  We hear more “no’s” than yes’s.  We have a pass or fail system in school.  We have a system that doesn’t breed “thinkers” just “do as I sayers”.

How do we overcome these fears and begin to think for like a scientist.  Scientist make many mistakes and they find solutions for numerous illnesses and ideas because of it.

If you’re afraid to move forward you’ll never create momentum.  Here are a few ways to face your fears by using FAILURE to overcome it.


F – Face your Fear of Failure

A – Accept the Action & Adapt an Attitude for Success

I – Invest in Improving your Integrity

L – Listen, Learn from Life’s Lessons

U – Understand what went wrong

R – Reorganize & Restructure Tactics

E – Effort and Enthusiasm instead of Excuses


Build the Business of “U”

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Brian Benedict.com

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