S.O.L.”U” T.I.O.N. | Brian Benedict

by Brian Benedict


No matter the organization complaints will always exist.  Living in America, you have the ability to change your direction if you’re unhappy or disgruntled.  It’s up to you to decide.

Firefighters, police officers and others in public service around the country see life in a different way than the typical civilian.  If you complain you must provide solutions with the complaint.  If it falls on deaf ears of leadership you must accept or change your direction.

If you are not agreeing with current practices here is a model for providing solutions to problems that we usually create.


S – See things from the other perspective

O – Observe Obstacles without Obsessing Over them

L – Listen intently to what others are saying

U – Understand that others have different ideas, complaints and solutions

T – Take Action

I – Importance of asking questions

O – Offer positive suggestions

N – Necessary to know the Need to satisfy

S – Strategies for Successful Solutions


Build the Business of “U”

Brian B&W 2


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