Shake It “U”p to Wake It “U”p | Brian Benedict

by Brian Benedict

Picture: Clearwater Beach Police.

Complacency is a killer of dreams.   If you don’t grow yourself and know yourself you’ll become part of someone else’s plan.

So what’s your plan to grow?   Where are you wanting to go?

What do you want by age ______ ?

Are you going to let others dictate what you do with your life?

Many of you reading this have reached your goal of status quo.  For those I say congratulations.  For the others that aren’t satisfied and need more I say, “Go for it”.

Life’s too short to be pulled back.  At the time of this blog article I’m 49 years old.  If I’m lucky I’ll live to be 90.  If I’m unlucky I’ll get Alzheimer’s like my mother by age 65.  If I’m really unlucky I’ll live to 100 where all my friends are gone and I’m coherently existing in a nursing home.  Dude…

Go for it.  If not now then when.  When is a good time.

Don’t worry about “They”.  “They” never did what you’re going to do.

“Just Do It” – Nike

Why do you think Nike is Running Shoes?  Because subliminally they’re telling you to RUN, JUMP and do whatever it takes to create momentum to reach your goals.

 Build the Business of “U”

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