Would “U” Be Worth Watching if your Life Flashed Before Your Eyes? | Brian Benedict

by Brian Benedict

Picture: Denver Sheriff Dept Sgt Mike Bennett, Brian Benedict & Denver Police Detective Sgt Jason Carrigan     Honoring Denver Police Heroes:

  • “If your life flashed before your eyes would it be worth watching?” 

The only way to get out of your comfort zone is to find your new zone of comfort

What are you afraid of ?

  1. Fear of failure
  2. Fear of making a mistake
  3. Fear of the word “NO”
  4. Fear of being embarrassed
  5. Fear of your shadow

Have you heard the phrase, “No Pain, No Gain”?     It’s the truth.  If you want something bad enough you’ll attempt it as many times as it takes to achieve it.

Necessary actions will feel awkward at first.  That’s why you must do them over and over in order to make them a habit.  Once a habit is created it becomes the new normal.  The new zone of comfort.

As a child you weren’t afraid to run, jump or climb.  You weren’t conditioned yet to believe that you may be injured, hurt or mentally bruised.  You just did it until you got it right.

Crack the zone.   Treat fear as a part of your passion.  If you don’t have a little fear then it’s too easy.  If you were afraid of stubbing your toe if you walked forward you’d still be swinging in the chair your folks bought.  Well, maybe a bigger one.

Use the fear as fuel.  When someone says you can’t you say you can.  When others tell you it doesn’t work, you tell them you’ll work until it does.  The important thing to remember is if others your speaking to have failed at what you’re wanting to do, they really don’t want you to succeed.  It makes them look bad if you do it and they quit.  Don’t be immobilized in thinking that their interest is protecting you.  It’s only to hold you back.

Unlimited opportunities are waiting for you.  Nothing moved forward by standing still.

Build the Business of “U”

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