Everyone Connects | Brian Benedict

by Brian Benedict

Don’t tell me “U” never connect?

Recently I visited Clearwater Beach Florida and had the privilege of listening to the street musician pictured above.  The reason for writing isn’t because of the unique color contrast of chest and stomach hair.  It’s not because he was performing a live concert on with Metallica… in his mind.  It’s because he was connecting.

The word that came to my mind was “comfort zone”.   With all the excuses not to work here is a great example of a musician that consistently worked hard to get out of his comfort zone and connect with strangers.  He stood and played every evening during our visit.  He didn’t care what anyone thought.  Comments he heard & the strange looks he received didn’t change his style or become what someone else wanted him to be.   He was his own person and knew his mission.  To make a living doing what he loves to do.

During the course of the week I saw several more street musicians but none with the energy, enthusiasm or desire to connect with their audience.  This musician was focus on his mission…to earn a few bucks.   He’s a perfect example of stepping out of his comfort zone to create his own zone of comfort.

FullSizeRender 2

5 Ways to create your own zone of comfort

  1. Write down what you won’t achieve if you don’t stand up and go for it
  2. Prepare your plan of attack
  3. Tweak your plan by learning from each encounter
  4. Surround yourself with positive, vision oriented and driven people
  5. Make sure you’re plan is for you, not for someone else.
  6. BONUS:  Gradually build momentum

I love being around people who face their fears until it becomes normal.  I try never to judge a book by the cover.  Look internally.  You’ll find commonalities with everyone.

“Momentum begins with one step.”

Build the Business of “U”

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