Dependability Depends on “U” | Brian Benedict

by Brian Benedict

During my visit to Kansas City Missouri Fire Department I met a few hardened firefighters.  True grit firefighters.  Hard chargers.  While visiting station 24 I drove around the area to understand what they’re up against.   Visible challenges were seen on each block.  Vacant homes and deteriorating conditions and lack of care.  With each generation adding to the mess the sum is growing into an epidemic problem.  The risk is even more hazardous to our first responders.  Injuries increasing and benefits decreasing.

It’s no wonder it’s becoming more difficult finding strong individuals to fill recruiting classes.  Police and fire departments are seeing hiring numbers drop with little incentives to entice them to join.  The world is changing.  More and more of me, myself and I is winning against us, we, ours.

With crumbling neighborhoods, decreasing morals and people abusing the emergency system it’s even more important now to be a dependable co-worker.  Your buddies life depends on it.

Who has your back?

Who’s back do you have? 

How is your word?

Is your handshake good enough?


In order to connect with others you must be dependable.  Its a dying quality that needs to return.  It’s part of your character.  Without it your just another person not holding true to their word.  The next time you promise a friend or family members something, regardless of the size of the promise, go through with it.  If you don’t you lose a piece of credibility that will take you twice as long to get back.

What would it feel like if everyone was able to count on you?


Build the Business of “U”

Brian B&W 2 


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