by Brian Benedict

“Look in the Mirror. That’s your competition.”

To Build the Business of “U” the first person to examine is ourselves.  Each morning we look at ourselves in the mirror but do we really see ourselves?  Is our self-perception accurate or distorted?  If we’re not honest with ourselves how can we be honest with others?  Can “U” look deep in the eyes of the man in the mirror and be honest with ourselves?

King of the mountain.  Many of us in the fire and police service become very focused and sometimes manipulative.  It comes from A type personalities living together like a family and it spreads into authoritative positions.   When you look into your own eyes do you see undesirable actions?  Motives?  Or do you see a genuine person willing to do whatever it takes to help others?

The person I know the best is myself; Self-awareness. We size up everybody in the world but ourselves!  We look at clothing, attitudes, actions and ask why did they…why don’t they… why would they…    When we need to look at ourselves in the mirror and ask the same questions.

What’s my purpose?  Step one of a healthy self-image.  Thinking negatively of ourselves will make us seek validation from others.    Having a positive view of ourselves will give us the ability to add value to people around us.


Creating your own problems.  Admitting this truth will build the business of “U”.  You will never win playing the blame game.   You’ll only whine.  If you’re a complainer and you feel you’re dragging the morale down around you you must change your focus or environment.

Change myself.  It’s not easy to admit or do.  The ability to change yourself, your attitude and want to better yourself will pave the way to self improvement.  Being willing to do so is the greatest step you could take.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

Leo Tolstoy

What do I want the future to look like?

What am I really passionate about?

Am I continually trying to improve myself?

Make it a point to figure “U” out first before trying to figure out others.  Believe in yourself before believing in others.  Build your credibility within yourself before depending on others.  Build the Business of “U”.

Build the Business of “U”

Brian B&W 2


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