Hidden Agenda’s | Brian Benedict

Watch Out for Little lies with Big Agenda’s?

Many levels of government have a history with hidden agenda’s.  We see this from the federal level of the government to the local level.  Some inspire to be in authoritarian positions while others are looking for a badge with a specific parking place or perceived meaning.

This ideal con man has figured out how to avoid the telltale signs of the habitual white lie.  Creating false store fronts similar to the one found in the film “The Interview”, with Seth Rogan and James Franco.  Actually a pretty funny movie.  But while visiting they were first blind folded while being escorted to see North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un.

Just prior to their destination the blind folds were removed as they drove into this little four way stop of a town. Happy people smiling, riding bikes and a store fronts that had fresh fruit and plenty of hospitality.  They were surprised because it was nothing like they had imagined North Korea to be like.  Everyone was so happy and perfect.

Later in the movie as they were escaping the dictators residence on foot they stumbled upon this little town again.  They were tired and hungry and very surprised they didn’t see any people riding bikes or walking around.  They found the same store they had seen from the initial visit.   As they tried to enter they realized it was just a very realistic painting of food and refreshments.  As they looked closer they realized it was all fake store fronts and empty streets.  It was a mirage.  A false outer layer with an evil inner.

I think this is similar to what many of us see during pivotal moments in our life.  We give the benefit of the doubt to others and later find out it was a false front.  Maybe you’re voluntarily or impartially part of the show.  Whatever the case what’s the hidden agenda?

Ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Does it seem too good to be true?
  2. What’s the majority saying?
  3. What’s the motive?
  4. Are intentions genuine and value me?
  5. Do they care about me and my family?

Personally, I prefer to be around those who’s agenda is helping.  As many know of my history, I’m not interested in a title, positions or manipulating to play king of the mountain.  I love learning people and personalities.

“If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.”  

Mark Twain

How do we Connect?

Being honest isn’t always easy but it is appreciated.  It’s part of your integrity and character.  Focusing on others best interest and being genuine to your cause.  Including others so they’re able to contribute and have an investment in the future will increase the growth faster than money.

Learn to Build the Business of “U”

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