5 Tips to Multi-Tasking? | Brian Benedict

by Brian Benedict

Is the next generation able to multitask?

Pictured above:

Dylan Benedict, 16.

5 Minutes before leaving for summer football practice.

That answer would be a resounding YES!   Anything is impossible.  Juggling to do lists everyday in our work and home life is ever evolving.  Because of this we need some type of system.  An order or priority list so we can move our attention at a moments notice to the most efficient and way to accomplish our daily goals.

Here are 5 tips that may help you “multitask” more efficiently.

1. The morning to-do list

I’ve found my first 15 minutes to each day is making coffee, sitting at the table and writing a list of things I’ve been thinking about all night while they’re fresh in my mind.  I’ve also found that if something is keeping me awake at night that it helps to write it down and amazingly it leaves my brain long enough to sleep for a while.  Then I prioritize the list depending on whether they’re phone calls, texts, physical stops or computer entries.  I rarely have to travel back and forth from destinations because I’ve became fairly efficient with managing my drive depending on my tasks.  Doing This helps you prioritize and visualize your day more clearly.

2. Prioritizing the list

Which task is more important?

Prioritize the list to make sure the items with top-priority are handled one at a time.  Focusing on that tasks and not being diverted is more difficult than you might think.

At the end of the day review your list and see how you did.  The next morning you’ll need to take the remaining tasks and put them on the new list.

3. Group Certain Tasks

Do your best to try to group similar tasks which can be completed together.  If it’s a group of emails you can log on and focus on just emails.  If you’re tasks include social media.  Schedule a time to scan your social media pages, read post and share.

4. Are “U” easily distracted

Simple Solutions.  Turn off your phone.  Notification emails and other computer-generated distractions can prevent you from checking off many tasks because they grab your attention and soon you’ll find yourself way off the map.  Allow yourself time to concentration and focus.

5. Getting things done by delegating

Which tasks can you delegate.  Which must you do.  Could you delegate simple tasks like answering phone calls, replying to emails, writing social media postings.  Could easier tasks be simple enough to pass on to someone else?  In a world of virtual assistants and automation, the ability to upload, post, share and organize can be made a little easier.


A great site that can be used to help delegate and manage time better is TimeEtc.com.  It’s simple and you can try it free.


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