Let Nothing Stop You

Moving past fear

When I woke up this morning I found my kids as young adults.  Kenny Chesney was right, “Don’t Blink”.   What’s the future look like for them?  The opportunities and possibilities.  Its all out there in the unknown. Will they attack life  with passion and perseverance?   Will they be afraid to try or will they embrace it as the best way to learn.  Moving forward means making decisions.  Many forks in the road are headed their way.  Are they prepared to make a decision and determined enough to hurdle obstacles coming head on?
Inspired by the future and the importance of getting out of your comfort zone by facing your fears.
family pic
Brian, Dylan, Jessi, Skyler, Lisa
Seeing the possibilities and potential in each one of them motivates me to write about facing your fears and believing in yourself.   Doing whatever it takes to make this one life what you want it to be.

What is fear?



Overcoming the Fear of Failure

As firefighters, police officers we make mistakes.  We charge into burning buildings, hand cuff and subdue a whacked out drug induced crazy person.  We do this without thinking twice because its what we do.  We jump in to these situations not worried about making a mistake but challenging ourselves to try to make the best decisions we can.  Believe it or not most people are afraid of the unknown.  They’re afraid to take a chance.  Status quo is safe.  They fear the feeling of failing at something.  In turn it evolves into becoming stagnant and stale.  It’s our job to teach our children to go out and make mistakes.  Don’t be afraid to try.
Understanding the most important things in life aren’t taught in a book or classroom.  It’s taught by learning from our mistakes. The most successful people, the greatest inventions and the life changing medical breakthroughs have all came from someone making a mistake.
Examples of successful people who failed and became successful include Ray Kroc of McDonald’s, Walt Disney was told he had a lack of creativity, Steve Jobs was booted from his own company, and Thomas Edison was fired from his first two jobs and told he was too stupid to learn anything.
Other examples of success from failure includes, sticky notes, WD-40, bubble wrap, the slinky and Penicillin.

Brian’s Bottom Line

Don’t be a afraid of the word “No”.  
I like to say, “No means not right now, failures aren’t final and success isn’t a destination.  They evolve from our creativity, vision and goals.” 
 “The only thing to fear is fear itself”   Franklin D Roosevelt


If you had one thing to say to your kids what would it be?

I’d say, “Do whatever it takes to become better tomorrow than you were today!” 

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