Dream Big! | Brian Benedict

by Brian Benedict

IAFF Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial Colorado Springs, Colorado May 16, 2017


You probably had several big dreams growing up.   Everyday thinking of all the opportunities waiting on you.   The possibilities limitless.  You were ready to pursue your dream at all costs.  You’d never let anyone take away your dream and those who tried you mentally shoved to the side.  Nothing could stop you.  The future was exciting.  It was fun to think of all the options and places you could go.  If you were like me you probably drew up plans of your mansion or how you’d make your million?  It all seemed reachable.

So what are your dreams now?

Have you lost your dreams?  Have you threw in the white towel and given up on even having dreams?  Why not think of one right now?  Take a few minutes and think big. Let’s try to dream again and see what happens.  Complete the following sentence.

I want to ( be, have, live )  _______________________.    ( That was easy )

So what about the dream killers?

Where are they?  Who are they?

Don’t let the dream killers keep you from dreaming.  Unfortunately in public safety we see bad things happen to good people every day.  After seeing so many negative things we begin to accept it as normal and begin living static.  Our mind starts playing tricks by becoming reactive instead of proactive.   We become numb and robotic just waiting for the next fire, overdose or some other type of emergency that can test our endurance and give us another adrenaline rush.

Recognizing a few of the top dream killers.

  • Responding daily to gloom and doom
  • Career & political beat downs
  • Negativity within our department holding us back

So what’s your dream?

Have you become dreamless? Why?

What’s stopping you from dreaming big?  Maybe its the environment you’re currently in.  Have you quit challenging yourself?  I’ve seen thirty and forty year olds who’s favorite saying is, “It is what it is” or “I’m just riding it out”.

Change the Way You Think

Throughout my career I’ve allowed my ow dreams to start disintegrating.  I eventually snapped out of it and wouldn’t share any of them with dream killers.  The future is bright and I’m moving forward.

A Different Kind of Courage

Having the courage and mindset to allow no one of seniority, rank or even the self proclaimed firehouse expert’s to stand in your way.  When you become focused and begin to move forward you build momentum.  The more momentum the less you worry about roadblocks.   You start doing whatever it takes to achieve it.  Roadblocks and failures become something to expect and learn from but they’ll never stop you.

I’ve seen many firefighters and police officers retire from departments just to find themselves lost.  Some turn to drinking.  Some get divorced.  Others gradually find their way working a part time gig at the local store.  If that’s your dream, great.  If not, join me and focus on the future?

Never Stop Dreaming

Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump are two of the oldest to ever serve as president.  Both with a different history of successes.  Neither of them needed the presidency to complete a lifetime of achievement.  Why did they do it?   They dreamed of helping others and making a difference.  They put their dreams into action and never allowed the dream killers to take away their desire to win.

You can do the same.  You did it as a child and you can do it now.  Politics, emergencies and negative pessimistic department dream killers can be pushed aside if you’re strong enough.

Begin with taking ONE Simple Step

  1. Believe in the most powerful person in the world.. “YOU”!




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