Chad DiGiorgio, Hanover New Jersey Fire Chief

Left: Hanover New Jersey Fire Chief Chad DiGiorgio with Brian Benedict
Chad and I have been friends for many years through the police and firemen’s Insurance Association.  What a great person.  Speaking with him this year made me realize the leader he truly is.  He exemplifies leadership with his calm and confident demeanor.
You feel his passion for the job and his caring for firefighters.  He’s truly one of integrity.  I’m sure his honesty and character have been proven many times over in his career.
As we were speaking I began thinking about how and why he’s had a positive impact on my life.   I believe being genuine is important to connecting.  Your character is the sum of all the decisions you’ve made over time and the value you’ve given others.  Those that only know you as a firefighter or police officer make their decision about your integrity based on the actions you’ve made during their career.  When you live by your own daily standards, you build integrity not only within yourself but in the minds of others.
Chad always carries himself in a professional manner.  He speaks positively and has a great outlook on life and career.

Your Actions Speak Louder than Words

People will not willingly follow you if they don’t trust you.  To build trust you must be consistently honest, truthful and accountable for your actions.
  1. Do your actions always have an evil edge to them?
    • Or are your actions genuine?
  2. Are your actions vindictive?
    • Or are your actions positively influencing others?
  3. Are your actions manipulative?
    • Or are you accepting of individual differences?
  4. Do you lie to hide errors?
    • Or are you honest with yourself?
  5. Do you twist truths to better yourself?
    1. Or are you willing to be truthful and learn from failures?
John Maxwell states, “The fastest way to the top won’t keep you there. People who shortchange their internal character inevitably fall. And when they do, it’s always a long drop back to the bottom – and a much steeper climb the second time around. If you want to get to the top and stay there, the key is integrity. Sure, it takes time, and it often feels like an unnoticed effort, but be patient. Integrity always pays off in the end.”
I’d like to give a shout out and thank Chief Chad DiGiorgio by providing me with the inspiration for this article.  I really appreciate you taking the time to talk with me that afternoon.

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