17 Seconds | Brian Benedict

by Brian Benedict

Left to Right:  Vidal Colon, Retired Milwaukee Police Officer and new Milwaukee Department Representative with Brian Benedict.

I feel very fortunate that I was Introduced a few months ago by my friend Mike Crivello, President of the Milwaukee Police Association, to retired police officer Vidal Colon.

The words that come to mind after meeting Vidal is duty, honor & integrity.

17 Seconds

On April 11 2009, while on duty, Vidal was shot three times by a nine time felon with a handgun.  Within 17 seconds this officer’s life changed.

Christina Colon explains in this video. 

Vidal was given the Medal of Valor at the Whitehouse from Vice President Joe Biden and Attorney General Holder.   YOUTUBE Video:

What is Perseverance?

It’s the ability to keep moving forward.  To refocus after confronting challenges and aim higher.  Having a vision and doing whatever it takes to achieve it.

Regardless of your circumstances, obstacle you currently face or hurdles you’re facing it’s finding your purpose and believing in yourself.

I imagine that Vidal and his family has went through many tough days since that incident.  Fighting the “should’ve would’ve could’ve” and mental setbacks.  But what I’ve learned from him is perseverance.

In these careers we never know when its going to be our 17 seconds.

Vidal has a commitment to law enforcement and a desire to protect those who protect others.  He speaks at conventions and is fortunate that he survived to tell his story.

Perseverance is a journey.  A never ending road that takes positive energy and determination to reinvent yourself without being tackled by procrastination and depression potholes.

Commit to a goal.  Create habits that build toward your goal.  Have fun accomplishing  minor achievements while en-route to your destination.

I want to thank Mike Crivello for introducing me to Vidal Colon and for the inspiration to write about the importance of perseverance.



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