Do “U” genuinely help others?

Do “U” help others without expecting anything in return?

Can you describe how you’ve helped them? Can you actually say truthfully youve given them value?

I think some people believe they don’t need to help others.  They have a false sense of what helping people actually looks like.

So many people act like their helping someone but instead they’re actually hindering them.  Some do it intentionally while others inadvertently. They give minimal effort towards others I believe for one main reason… “Fear”.  Fear the other person may get more attention. Fear the other person may advance.   Fear causes them to even search to find fault in order to knock them down a step while they use them to take a step up.

Bottom line

If “U” want to connect with others “U” must help others first.  Do it for no personal gain. Do it as your purpose and you’ll grow a network of connections that believe in “U”.

Like John Maxwell says, “If you’re lonley at the top, you’re doing something wrong.”

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