Reflection Friday: Do “U” Inspire Others?

by Brian Benedict

Do “U” inspire others or do “U” tire others?   Finding the real you takes an open mind and ability to accept not only different perspectives but constructive criticism.

In my early twenties I struggled to communicate.  It wasn’t until a direct statement from a friend cut me like a knife, where I realized I wasn’t really listening to anyone.  Just telling.

We grow up in a world where we believe strong leaders are made by the position they hold.  The truth is, a leader comes from all ranks.  Holding a position of authority doesn’t mean you automatically become a leader.  It just means you’re responsible to manage them.  A leader, on the other hand, is someone of influence.  A person who others want to follow not have to follow.   Someone who inspires others and empowers them to be build on their skills.

Just telling someone what to do and when to do it doesn’t make you a leader.  It takes a willingness to see their point of view and welcome new ideas for both to grow.  To many times we’re caught up in the fear of losing a position so we minimize others instead of help them grow their potential.  They become a threat.  Instead we should recognize and utilize their strengths and inspire.  Building strong leaders who can positively influence others will make a stagnant environment grow.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Do you try to see things from others people’s point of view?
  2. Do you help them grow? How?
  3. Do you inspire others?  How?
  4. Are you genuinely interested in them?

Inspiring others is a great way to connect.  Building a personal network of those who you trust and those who trust you will only create strong long term relationships.

Brian Benedict,

Build the Business of “U”

Retired Firefighter, Army Veteran, Insurance Professional, John Maxwell Leadership Speaker and Trainer.

Author: Protectors Life Blog

From an Army soldier to a career firefighter and insurance professional I've always had a deep desire to help people. If I can help you prepare for the unexpected please call me. My number is 765-277-2770

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