Learn to Listen

Learn to Listen

by Tom Hopkins

Learn to listen for specific clues as to how to best present information to new potential clients. By that I mean to listen for them to say, “I see what you mean,” or, “We look for ____ in a supplier,” which usually means they relate best in a visual manner. Adjust your demonstration for this person to show them things. Take advantage of product brochures as visual aids as well as the actual products or demo samples you bring with you.

For those people who say, “I hear what you’re saying,” gear your presentation to be more of an oral report. Be sure to include plenty of descriptive word pictures to keep their minds generating ownership images.


When people ask about investment information before you cover all the benefits they’re looking for, they’re probably “bottom-line” kind of people and your dollars-and-cents information had better shine. Keep it simple, yet cover all the options that you’ll be discussing the benefits of.

People who like to “get a feel for” something will be more likely to get involved if they have something to touch during your presentation. If you market a physical product, get their hands on the controls. Have them physically participate in the product demonstration.

The better you listen to not just what they say, but how they say things, the better you’ll be at adapting your presentation to their individuality. The more involved they feel in ownership during your presentations, the more likely they will be to buy. Remember, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference!

Wishing you greatness,



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