How to Break Through Sales Procrastination

You have a monthly sales goal, it’s the first day of the month, and all of your past successes are cleaned off the board. You know how to reach your sales goal, but you just can’t seem to pick up the phone to start the project. Instead, you find yourself doing everything you possibly can to do not begin the new sales cycle. You know you have to make your goal, but you still consider taking it easy. This is the Downward Spiral of Procrastination. When you feel your thoughts drifting or you are having trouble starting projects or making sales calls, it is important to stay positive and get to work!

Staying positive is as easy as changing your attitude toward the issue. Instead of putting pressure on yourself with negative or procrastination thoughts, turn them into productive thoughts. So rather than saying, “I have to make my goal,” say, “I will make my goal through hard work and dedication.”

Dale Carnegie said, “Do the easy jobs first, the hard ones will take care of themselves.” He was a very big proponent of getting busy and getting started as a way to break procrastination and worry.  Here are some additional tips to help stay positive and break through sales procrastination.

Just do it. Get on the phone or get in contact with your clients and sell. Remember, you are working on a deadline and the more time you have to reach your goals, the better.
Get on a roll. Make a point to get on the phone and say on the phone for a period. You will find yourself in a rhythm.
Enjoy the end product. Think of the enjoyment of accomplishing your goal and focus on the positive rather than the negative.
Give yourself a pep talk. Sometimes you need to give yourself some positive reinforcement. Remember, you have to keep a positive attitude and outlook.

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