Are You Entitled?

by Brian Benedict,

I have a successful Podcast where I dwell in all type of subjects.  Most are 2 minute power podcast to get you motivated and ready for the gig.  Yes, I’m a musician and a non-sales professional.  This means I don’t “SELL” anything.  I “LISTEN”.

Listening is hard to explain.  Most of us don’t do it.  Most of us think we are entitled to whatever information we want.  From national security to the high school coach game plan.  Oh yea… That hits home with some of us.

Life’s lesson #495 is don’t question the coach.  I’ve learned many lessons through the years and the ones that stick with me as I get older are all the coaches that I questioned.  Some worth my breath and some not.  If you’re child is in early elementary and you’re judging the coach its probably not so good.  Look at yourself and improve on your personal skills.  If you’re in high school and your looking for the next level the threshold seems worthwhile.

In sales… “NO”… in any profession, its “YOU” that makes the difference.  Are you providing value in what you do?   Are you going above and beyond what’s expected.  Brown nosing only goes so far.  Your value… What you bring to the team is what matters.  That’s whats going to take you to the next level.  If you want to get there together then come with me on the journey.  If not, Please stay home so we have enough room for everyone else.

If you’d like to focus on what you do best please be a member of a powerful website that I’ve developed to help others free up work.  Go to and promote yourself globally.  No Matter what skill!!  Everyone has a different talent.  Everyone can add to this world in some way, shape or form.  Let me help you Get the Gig!

Go to and start listening to the 2 min power podcast where I teach vital components to motivating you to achieve you goals.

“Work Smarter”… It Just Makes Cent$

Brian Benedict

Read Brian’s Book “The Power of I CAN…I Will”

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