What Does ‘I Can’t Afford It’ Really Mean?

Stop Talking About Money
If you are hearing a money objection take it out of the equation completely.
Literally divorce the money from the decision-making process. The way you can do that is to ask questions like, “If we weren’t talking about money, would we be going to the next level? What would be happening if we weren’t worried about money?”
You want to get to the hidden agenda behind the money objection.
When Your Competitor Has Better Price
What do you do if the objection is that your competitor can beat your price?
You can say, ‘Well, let’s do a side-by-side comparison. What would you like me to leave out? Do you want me to match my competitor’s price? Do you want me to go lower than my competitor’s price? What can we leave out?”
Here’s another piece of the internal game of sales: if you really believe that your company isn’t giving the best value or that this person really should go buy it cheaper, then you’re not going to be able to play this game. No one is that great of an actor or actress that they can pretend that. You want your customer to make the best choice always.

via What Does ‘I Can’t Afford It’ Really Mean? – Sales Mastery Magazine – Connect to Be Your Best

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