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Helpful content is, of course, an important part of marketing your business. Customer help content may be something you’ve thought about, and maybe even created some. But it’s also likely the task of creating help content gets pushed down the to-do list when more pressing things come up. But don’t put off creating help content for too long as it can be a time saver for you and your customers.

By providing useful and relevant help content, you provide your customers the ability to help themselves and create a better customer experience. Help content can also remove obstacles that may make it difficult for customers to use your product, service or even make a purchase from your business. And, help content can lighten the load on your customer support team.

Here are 6 types of customer help content you should think about to make your customers successful.

1. Text Help

Text help is the backbone of most customer support help. Creating and writing text help takes some time but it’s straight forward to do and can be updated quickly. Text help provides your customers the ability to find what they need, when they need it. Remember to include how to use your products and services, but also how to contact you, or get more help if needed.

2. Help Videos/Demos/Webinars

Help videos can provide your customers even more support if they need a visual way to understand something. Videos are an effective complement to text content and can be useful for visual learners. When creating help videos, think brevity when it comes to length. One minute or less is ideal. Otherwise, you may lose your viewers attention before he or she gets the answer they need. We create help videos, plus a series of Tips in 2 videos to help our audience become better at marketing their businesses.

3. FAQs/Popular Questions/Glossary

When your customers ask the same questions over and over again, a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or Popular Questions page is a useful addition to your help content. You can address common pain points in a single page and alleviate a lot of phone calls and emails to your support team (or yourself!).

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