The Only Three Questions that Matter This Year | Jeb Blount | Sales Gravy Blogs

• What do you want?
• How do you plan to get what you want?
• How bad do you want it?
Frankly, it is about honesty. It is about being true to yourself.
It starts with defining what you want, building a plan, and writing it down. Not empty resolutions. Not fleeting wishes and hopes. Real goals that mean something for your career and life.
Most people won’t and don’t because defining what you want  is difficult. It requires you to think. It requires you to take risk. It requires you to be accountable to the only person in your life to whom you are really accountable – YOU.
So start here: Define what you want and write it down. This means gathering up the discipline to stop what you are doing, sit down, and actually think about your future.
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Yogi Berra quipped that “If you don’t know where you are going you might end up someplace else.” I love this quote because it so succinctly describes how most sales people walk through life. No plan, no direction, no idea where they are going.
Here is the brutal reality. If you don’t have a plan, you will become a part of someone else’s plan. You either take control of your life or someone else will use you to enhance theirs. It’s your choice.
To reach any big goal requires you to move through a series of small steps. These steps to success must be defined, written down, and measured against deadlines. So define what you want and then develop your plan.
Then write it down. Writing down your goals and plan makes you unstoppable. When you write down your goals, ink on paper, you tap into a powerful motivational force. A written plan forces action. Something inside of you begins to drive you forward constantly pushing you towards your destination. It is there, written in stone, and it cannot be ignored until it has been accomplished.
The most important question though is “How bad do you want it?”
Desire is the singularity of all achievement. Desire is the only thing that trumps procrastination.
You see all success is paid for in advance with hard work and sacrifice. More often than not, getting what you want is more about what you are willing to give up rather than what you are willing to do. Success is governed by the Law of Congruency which states simply that what you want and what you are willing to do to get what you want must be equal or congruent.
It doesn’t matter if you have a goal or a plan if you don’t want it bad enough to focus all of your will on achieving that thing. This is why New Year Resolutions are almost never met. They are wishes born in hope and carried away on the wind as soon as the tiniest hint of adversity is met.
You will face adversity. This why tapping into desire is so powerful.
There will be hurdles, roadblocks, and disappointment. There will be temptations that, like sirens, distract you from your goal, causing you to forget your plans and go off course. There will always be something more pleasurable in the short-term than sacrificing for what you really want. This is how procrastination slowly creeps in to your life.
There will always be a mountain you’ll have to climb and an uphill battle you’ll have to fight. There will always be a temptation to slack off. There will always be an excuse for why you can’t do something.
The why the most important question you will have to answer on your quest for success is:
How bad do you want it?

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