Starting Up in Nashville: What Music City Offers Entrepreneurs

We were just finishing up an interview over lunch at Husk in downtown Nashville. The restaurant is a fine Southern restaurant with elegant pimento cheese, good-looking waiters, eggplant accent walls and James Beard award-winning Chef Sean Brock. I was interviewing Mike Butera, the founder of Artiphon, an all-in-one instrument device, designed to inspire casual musical creativity and exploration.

When the waiter came over to drop the check, he says, “It’s a weird…but I saw you had that guitar-thing.” The waiter thought he had seen the oblong-shaped device being carried around in his neighborhood before. He proceeds to ask Butera if he lives on a particular street in Nashville and before the waiter can complete the question, Butera interrupts. He knows immediately who the waiter has seen toting the instrument prototype in that part of town: “That’s Ryan Wrenn, my CTO.”

Butera and the waiter compare neighborly notes; the interaction is convivial. “It’s a small town,” Butera tells me as the waiter walks away.

That little moment in the restaurant says a lot about Nashville.

via Starting Up in Nashville: What Music City Offers Entrepreneurs.

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