Sales Training 101 — Stop Selling on Price!

Sure its sales training 101 – Stop Selling on Price! But, it’s a lot easier said than done.

The price objection is the curse of every salesperson’s life and yet, as sales managers, we do little to help our people deal with it effectively.

Despite what we seem to believe, unless you’re involved in transactional or commodity-type sales where price is the be-all and end-all, price is NOT the primary factor in the customer’s buying decision. It’s a safe bet that price is always going to be a factor in every sale but it is rarely the deciding factor, particularly in non-commodity sales.

The results of various SalesForce Training surveys taken over the years show that between nine and fourteen percent of buyers will put price first in their buying decisions. This means that 86 to 91 percent of buyers have other factors they consider more important than price.

via Sales Training 101 — Stop Selling on Price!.

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