Your Success At Last | The Top Ten Ways to Stay Focused on Your Goals and Objectives

Here are ten of the ways you can focus that consistent effort to get even more out of the effort you put forth.I have found these ‘techniques’ very useful and honestly believe that if you put them to work for you that you too will reap their rewards.
1.Write your primary goals down.There is something that happens when you put pen to paper and write out your goals.It seems to activate your mind and your goals become ‘written’ into your sub-conscious, making your more aware of situations, people and events that will bring you to your goals faster.
2.Re-write your top tens goals daily.Each day re-write your top ten goals without looking at your previous lists. This process accomplishes two things.
a.Deeply imbeds your high priority goal into your sub-conscious.
b.Weeds out those goals that are really important TODAY.Those goals that are not truly high on your long-term priority list will not consistently remain in your top ten lists.This will help you focus on what is truly important rather than those whims all fall victim to.
3.Narrow your focus – by focusing on only a few goals at a time.Pick those goals that are truly yours and your hearts deepest desire. Then focus all your efforts like a laser beam upon their completion.Take the top ten and zero in on those three to five goals that mean the most to you.The three to five goals that you know you have the deepest desire to achieve.
4.Develop an action plan.Once you have determined what you want to accomplish you must now begin to lay out how you will go about accomplishing it.What skills do you need to develop?What contacts do you need to make? What steps do you need to take to get your from where you are today to where you are trying to get?Be aware that your plans may change as you go along gaining new insights and information.But you need to have a plan in order to know what comes next.The knowledge of what your going to do next will do wonders to keep you focused.
5.Envision your goal already achieved.The great achievers of yesterday and today all had one key-ability – the ability to see their goal as already accomplished.Be detailed in your vision of your goal; feel the pride of its accomplishment.What will your friends and associates say once you have reached your goal?The more detail and emotion you can insert into the vision of your accomplishment the more that vision will drive you towards its accomplishment.

via Your Success At Last | The Top Ten Ways to Stay Focused on Your Goals and Objectives.

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