7 Productivity Tools to Help You Manage Your Freelance Writing Time

Where does your time go?

The question might fill you with anxiety as you try not to add up the minutes you spend on Facebook and Twitter.

How can you make the most of your time when you sit down to work?

Many freelancers get paid for their work on a project basis, regardless of how long it takes to complete tasks. But many must keep track of billable hours in order to be paid. And still others want to keep track of their time for personal accountability.

No matter how you slice it, time is money, and the two are intertwined for every freelancer.

Whether you rely on your desktop computer or like to take your work on the road with your tablet or phone, there are tons of tools available to help you track your time.

Are you ready to learn about some of our favorites — and pick out one or two to try? Here we go.

1. Freshbooks

A favorite of creative entrepreneur podcast Being Boss, Freshbooks boasts a time-tracking cloud-based tool that’s accessible across multiple devices.

If a client calls, you can open the app on your phone and start the timer to make sure you don’t lose any billable minutes on your project. Freshbooks then pulls all unbilled hours into an invoice for you.

In addition, multiple team members can access the same account, and you can even invite your accountant or bookkeeper to check in on your progress.

Bonus: The intro video for the app version features a delightful animated singing squirrel.

Cost: You can get a free 30-day trial. Paid memberships range from $9.95 to $39.95 per month for four different tiers of service.

via 7 Productivity Tools to Help You Manage Your Freelance Writing Time.

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